Things On Your Road Trip Checklist

Please Don’t Overlook These Things On Your Road Trip Checklist

Road trips are usually a rite of passage for many of us and our first traveling experience. A road trip can be a life changing experience or be a logistical nightmare depending on how well prepared you are. Because most of the time, road trips go awry because of poor preparation and organization. However, with the proper preparation, you should be able to have the road trip of a lifetime. Here are some tips on how to prepare your vehicle for a road trip.

Plan Your Activities and Have the Right Accessories

The first thing you should do is assess what you’ll be doing on your trip exactly. Some may prefer sticking strictly to sightseeing and visiting various predestined landmarks. These types of road trips are usually easier to plan and require less packing.

However, if you decide to do outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling or canoeing, you should equip your vehicle accordingly. If you’re thinking of doing some cycling, then you might consider buying an overhead bike rack instead of a regular one since these tend to be more suited for long trips. If you’re looking for a reliable rack, you can take your bike on the trip with these roof racks from Yakima. Not only that, but they can also carry your canoe or any extra luggage you may have, which makes them that much convenient.

Do You Have Roadside Service?

The mistake most road trippers make is not having any roadside assistance in the case of a mechanical breakdown. Think about how salty it would make your road trip if you are not able to enjoy all you had planned. If something does happen, you’ll be able to get back on the road immediately to enjoy your wonderful adventure and live with the regret of not planning accordingly.

One of the easiest ways to get roadside service is to call your current car insurance provider and add it to your policy.  If you’re looking for roadside assistance with added benefits like hotel deals and much more take this roadside service company into consideration.

Double Check the Wipers

Too many people overlook the importance of good wipers for a sound trip. But that’s because they’ve never been hit with torrential downpours in the middle of nowhere with their heads out of the window because their wipers just gave out.

This is why you should double check your wipers and wiper arms before you leave. Having your trip ruined by such a small detail can be very frustrating and having to wait hours on the side of the road just to have your wipers serviced even more so. If you don’t know how long you had your wipers, you should consider replacing them. Wipers are relatively cheap, so you’d be better off just replacing them instead of dealing with the unknown.

Check Your Fluids and Tires

Next, come the fluids and tires. These are essential for any trip. Your tires are ultimately what keep you glued to the road, and you should make sure that you have the proper tires for the ride. You should also make sure that they have the proper air pressure. An even slightly deflated tire can increase the chance of incidents greatly. Just check the pressure with a pressure meter and make sure that it is just below the maximum pressure marked on the side of the tire.

When it comes to fluids, the most important ones you should be looking for is oil level and purity and well as your engine coolant. Engine coolant is essential for long travels, especially with older vehicles. And if you haven’t done an oil change recently, have it done before your trip to avoid issues.

While a road trip can be a great experience, it’s essential that you take the proper precautions to make sure everything goes smoothly. If you follow the tips in this article, your trip should be a resounding success. Want more road trip tips, see out best recommendations here.

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