Asking Who Pays for Car Maintenance on a Leased Car

Who Pays for Car Maintenance on a Leased Car? Here’s the Truth

If you are leasing a car then the question that should instantly pop up in your mind is if the car required maintenance, who will pay for it? If you do not have the answer for that do not worry, we will help you out in the course of this article.

There is no straight answer here. It all depends upon the lease agreement that you and the dealer have signed. Generally, cars that have been leased for a period of 3 years come with a warranty that covers most maintenance costs. So, if you are about to enter into a lease agreement then make sure that the dealer clarifies exactly what repairs and maintenance are covered under the warranty that is included with the lease.

Usually, things like scheduled maintenance and small maintenance works are covered by the warranty. More expensive stuff like the tires or the brakes might not be covered. Again, as we keep reiterating, it all boils down to the fine print on the lease agreement you are made to sign.

We did a little survey of our own and this is what we found. Almost all the lease agreement offered by the car dealers cover things like oil changes, filter changes, small servicing done to the car and engine and fuel system cleaning.

The more expensive ones cover things like wheel alignment and brake shoe replacement. Very few covered tire replacement but that should not be a worry as tires won’t need replacing that soon unless you love to drift your car, do burnouts, or doughnuts.

In conclusion, you should not have to pay for most of the common maintenance costs that you might incur. This is also a good reason to lease a car than buy it. Both you and the dealer are in a win-win situation and that is a very rare thing to achieve in today’s world.

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