Top 5 Cars for Aftermarket Customization

Top 5 Cars for Aftermarket Customization

Some people are satisfied with buying a car off the lot as-is and driving it to get from point A to point B. But real gearheads and car aficionados know that you can get even more pleasure and personalization out of a car by building it out with some custom accessories. Adding custom features and aftermarket performance auto parts is a great way to make a memorable mark with your ride, and a way of showing others on the road that you’ve arrived no matter where your destination is.

There are plenty of cars out there that are a great value or that have specs that lend themselves to some pretty awesome modifications. If you’re new to modifying or looking to buy a car on a budget, the following suggestions may be helpful to start you in your search.

And if you have any ideas on other cars that would fit the bill, feel free to drop a line in the comments section.

  1. Nissan Skyline GTS

The Nissan Skyline GTS is a great starter car if you’re new to making custom modifications. For those just starting out, you’ll want to investigate mods that can reduce weight, improve performance and handling.

Many gearheads get stuck thinking about cool engine mods, but swapping out your rims and tires can be another way to improve your car’s performance and fuel efficiency on a budget. You’ll want to consult a professional technician for the best advice, but these days there are also plenty of awesome resources online for advice on the best way to modify your Skyline GTS.

And if you are new to custom car modifications, some companies specialize in aftermarket performance auto parts particularly for Nissan, which is a good place to start to make sure that you’re dealing with people who understand the opportunities and limitations that come with driving a Nissan in particular.

  1. Honda Civic

Honda Civic has always been a popular car with people interested in making their own unique adjustments. The sticker price on the lot for one of these bad boys is pretty low, which helps save money for the additional parts and accessories to truly take this car to the next level.

Drivers who want to transform their Civic into a ride that turns heads will usually start with the engine. You can add a cold air intake and a new exhaust to boost your vehicle’s speed. But once you’re going mach, you’re going to want something to slow you down. Consider investing in a better suspension system and some new brakes and brakes pads to improve the handling and safety now that you’re living life in the fast lane.

Those who are looking to customize on a budget could also just drop some money on some small improvements to the interior cabin. Little things like better floor mats and carpets, or even some more comfortable seat covers, could make the driving experience all that much easier.

And depending on your interests, you could always add a roof rack or custom ski rack to the top of the car to make your life easier. Just remember those types of mods tend to have a slightly negative impact on wind resistance and top speed (okay, it’s more than slight… but can’t say we didn’t warn you).

  1. Jeep Wrangler

For those interested in drifting (pun intended) outside of the high-performance sports car category, consider buying a Jeep Wrangler to add some cool aftermarket modifications.

Jeeps are great for custom add-ons like hitches and bumpers, as well as cool soft tops and LED lights that make for an eye-catching exterior. All of these add-ons are pretty affordable in the world of aftermarket features, so a Wrangler could end up saving you some money if it’s your kind of vehicle. 

  1. Ford Mustang

The Mustang is truly an American classic in every sense of the word. Since the early days of this iconic car in the 1960s, gearheads and custom car enthusiasts have been adding sick spoilers, engine mods and other super cool features to the GT and this icon of racing.

Some of the modifications that typically get made on Mustangs (besides the obvious cosmetic additions) involve upping the fuel economy, improving the throttle response and boosting the horsepower.

Some customizations are out and out improvements, while others involve goosing the high performance of the factory Mustang even further. For instance, out of the box, the Mustang provides some great horsepower. Throw on a custom tuning product though, for example, and it goes from great to truly exceptional.

Whether it’s the Mustang Boss, the Mustang Cobra, or the classic Mustang GT, there are plenty of insane examples of extreme (and extremely awesome) custom Mustangs out there. Check out this video of one flawless example of an aftermarket customized Ford Mustang to really get your motor running.

  1. Toyota Supra

Sports car fans have been lusting after the Toyota Supra for a long time now. There is something about the chassis design, the iconic spoiler and the sound of the engine that has captivated the hearts and minds of the buying public ever since the Supra debuted in 1978. The car was discontinued in 2002 and since then fans have been snatching up used and vintage models to add their own exciting mods.

If you’re looking for a good Supra to modify, you’ll want to find one with the legendary Supra 2JZ engine. The 2JZ debuted in 1991 and is long sought after because it makes modifications so easy. A suped up Supra also happens to appear in the original Fast and the Furious movie, which has to be worth something in the street cred department.

But if you’re worried that you may never own a brand new Supra to modify by yourself, you may be in luck. Now it looks like Toyota will be releasing the successor to the Supra sometime in 2018, which ought to make plenty of people in the high-performance sports car community pretty happy. Maybe they can even work the newest model into the next Fast and the Furious.


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