How to Train a Dog to Ride in a Car and Enjoy It

How to Train a Dog to Ride in a Car and Enjoy It

It isn’t unusual for dogs to hate car rides. It is perfectly normal that your pooch cries throws fits and shivers while riding because some dogs are simply afraid of it. On the other hand, every owner whose dog is calm and content in the car should not take that for granted. But, if you have a dog that isn’t a fan of car rides, we might be able to help you. Here are some methods you could try in order to calm your pooch down while you drive your vehicle.

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Start ‘em young

This one is great for all of you who are proud owners of young dogs, aka puppies. Expose your puppy to car rides as early as possible. Giving your puppy a treat in the car or bringing a toy could also do the trick. However, go easy with those treats, you don’t want your pet to get car sick. The goal here is to make those first rides fun and pleasant.

Positive and short rides

According to various studies, some dogs are scared of riding in the car due to past negative experiences. You know how the first impression plays a major role when it comes to us humans. Well, when the initial association with a car ride is negative, your dog will be convinced that all rides are unpleasant. Pay attention to your pooch and make sure they don’t get tossed around during the ride. Also, you shouldn’t leave your puppy in the car for too long.

Mealtime trick

If the fear of car rides really becomes a persistent problem and your pooch doesn’t want to cooperate, this trick might work. Try turning mealtime into car time. For the first couple of days, you just need to set the bowl next to the car. Pour some tasty food such as Ivorycoat in it and let your pooch do the rest.

A few days later, when your pup gets used to that, open the door and put the bowl on the back seat. But do not close the door when your pooch enters! After a week, try and start the car while your pup is munching on the back seat. If your dog stays cool, try closing the door and see how the pup reacts. Don’t rush things and you should be okay.

Doggy seatbelt

Having a dog seatbelt or a crate could solve a lot of problems. And it isn’t hard to see why you should maybe buy a seatbelt or a crate for your dog. Your pooch will be safe and feel more comfortable during the ride. On top of that, if you’re ever in an accident, the seatbelt will stop the nervous dog from pacing around in the car. Thanks to the belt he will most likely remain still and sit down or lie down. And, last but not least, having your pooch sit still is great because you won’t get distracted while driving.

Take into consideration these methods if your pooch has problems with car rides. And remember, you have to be patient with your dog, so work this out with your dog in their own time

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