How to save money on car maintenance

6 Eye Opening Ideas on How to Save Money on Car Maintenance

Often times people do consider the cost of maintaining the car while buying it. If not done properly, this cost can run quite high and sometimes actually surpass the actual cost of buying the car. This can make the experience of owning a car quite an unpleasant one. Here are some of the surest ways in which you can save money when it comes to maintaining your car.

1.) Do not change the oil and filters too often:

Modern cars run a lot more efficient than their older counterparts. This means that the old adage of changing the oil every 3000 miles is no longer relevant. You can now push that range to about 5000 miles before changing the oil. By extending the distance to almost twice the original value, quite a lot of savings can be achieved this way.

Check your oil level every month to be sure you’re not leaking any engine oil or burning engine oil.

2.) Employ your local mechanic instead of a large chain:

This is simple economics. A large chain or dealership will have many mouths to feed and hence will charge you more. Your local mechanic can do the same job at a lot cheaper rate and you will be helping out a small business. Just make sure that they have a good reputation and all the necessary certifications.

3.) Don’t fall into the hype of high-performance stuff:

It is very tempting to go for the most expensive engine oils, brake shoes or filters. Remember that you are being charged a lot more for just a gimmick. Be smart and stick to one of the standard options as they will be a lot cheaper and your car won’t feel any worse off when compared to one that is equipped with a high-end engine oil or filter.

4.) Check around different auto parts store:

Try to get the best deal possible. There might be places that sell the same product at a cheaper rate or mechanics who can do the same level of car servicing at a cheaper cost. Make sure that at the end of the day you have not paid more than you needed to.

5.) Buy the parts yourself:

Don’t just hand over your car to the mechanic and trust them to do all the parts shopping. Buy all the supplies needed yourself. This way you will eliminate the middleman and all his commissions. You can also make sure that you are buying the correct and genuine supplies and at the best price possible.

6.) Say no to any gimmicky add-on services:

The workshop might offer to do something extra for your car. In most cases, this is just a way to wring out more money from you. Unless you absolutely need it and there is a genuine requirement for that add-on service, which will be rare, say no.

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