man learning how to hotwire a car for survival

Survival Preparedness : How to Hotwire a Car

We will at the very begin assume that you are doing this legally. It could be because you have lost the key or the key is worn and won’t turn or anything along similar lines. If you are trying to hot wire a car for any unscrupulous reasons then we advise you to stop right here.

The first thing that we would like to get out of the way is that it cannot be attempted in any car made since the 2000s. The reason is very simple. These cars come equipped with multiple measures to disable the starter completely if it detects an attempt at hot wiring it. You will only end up messing the car.

If instead, you own a car from the 90s or before that you can attempt to hotwire it. The steps are as follows.

Instruction Notes and Warning

PS: All the information here is just for reference purposes and we are not responsible for any loss of property or injury caused.

Accessing the wires:

The first step is to get to the cabling in the steering column. Do this carefully and don’t yank out any wires completely as you might end up destroying the electrical systems in your car or cut off the power to one of the components. Usually, you have to remove a panel on the steering column to access the wires. The panels are generally held in place by clamps or screws.

Identifying the correct set of wires:

It is easy to be intimidated by the sheer number of wires. But, identifying the correct set is actually pretty easy and all you need to do is look carefully. See where the different set of wires are going. Only one set will go straight up the steering column. These are the wires you need.

Identifying the right wire:

There will be 3 individual sets of wires. The battery wires which are generally red, the ignition wires which are generally brown and the starter wires which are generally yellow. This is the most commonly followed color scheme but is no guarantee to how it is in your car and your best bet is to consult the car’s manual.

The actual hot-wiring:

Strip off the insulation from the ends of all the wires.
First twist the battery wires together.
Next, connect the ignition wire to the battery wires and you will see the dash light up. At this point, you should be able to use the stereo which can be used to check if everything is going as per plan.
Finally, take the starter wire and gently touch it to the other wires you joined previously to get the ignition to kick in. Rev the engine and that is how a car is hotwired.

make sure not to touch any of the wires with your bare hand as you might end up electrocuting yourself. To be successfully able to drive the car the steering lock has to disabled which can be done by using a screwdriver or by turning the steering wheel with some force to break the lock. All of this should obviously be done only as a last resort as the car will suffer quite a lot of damage.



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