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How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Easily Without Pulling your Hair Out

It is very much possible that you love your dog more than you love most human beings. We understand that sentiment but at the end of the day, dogs do sometimes leave quite a mess behind. One of the most common ways they do this is by leaving a lot of their hair inside the car. This can become quite annoying and tedious to remove.

Do not worry though. In this article, we will look at some the easiest and most effective ways to remove dog hair from your car. We will look at only those methods that do not require any fancy equipment or skill.

1.) Use static electricity to your advantage:

If you have never tried this before then you might feel that we are playing a prank on you but this method works very effectively. All you need is a regular balloon. Inflate it with regular air. Rub it against a dry part of your scalp until you feel your hair starting to stand up when near the ballon. Then sweep the interiors of the car with this ballon and it should lift off most of the dog hair with ease.

This method can be used when there isn’t a lot of hair.

2.) Use some science:

This will feel more like a science experiment than a cleaning operation. Make a solution of water and fabric softener and spray it over the places where the dog hair has fallen. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and then start wiping with a paper towel and you will see that the hairs magically stick to the paper towels. The reason behind this is that the fabric softener loosens the hair off the fabric of the seat and the upholstery and the paper towel is then able to easily cling onto the hair and lift it off.

Use this when you are running short on time and do not mind the smell of fabric softener inside your car.

3.) Make your own lint roller:

Generally, lint rollers are very expensive and not worth it as they do not work all the well with dog hair. You can, however, make one by yourself that would work very well in removing pet hair. Take any cylindrical object and put duct tape on it in such a way that the sticky part is pointing outwards. Use this to sweep over the seat and the upholstery to remove the more stubborn hair.

Use this when some of the hair won’t come off and your upholstery isn’t too fluffy.

4.) Rubber gloves and water to the rescue:

If your car’s interior and seats are upholstered with a smooth material then this is a perfect way to clean dog hair. Spray the interiors with water and once the insides are damp, wear the rubber gloves and sweep vigorously over the places where the dog hair has fallen. Rinse the gloves after each sweep and after a few sweeps it would be like your dog was never in the car

We usually do a lot of unpleasant things for our loved ones and so would be ready to get down and dirty for our dogs. The good news is that using one of the above methods you really don’t have to.

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