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How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Car? W/Video and Prices Included

You are at that point where you have had enough and would like to revamp the look of the car completely by having it completely repainted. It might be easier said than done and a big factor to be considered is the cost that goes behind this and in this article, we will try to clarify how much it could cost you to paint your car.


The first thing that you need to understand is that this a purely a subjective matter and a lot of factors will decide the actual cost. We will, however, try our best to provide you with a reasonable enough estimate so you can get a fair idea of how much it will cost you.

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The following are the factors that affect the final cost of painting a car.

1.) The size of the car: This is pretty straight forward to understand. The larger the car, the costlier it will be as more paint is required and more effort is required.

2.) The quality of paint: There are many varieties and types of paints and each has their own price. If you want the really good quality ones then you will have to shell out some serious amount of money. Also, paints by reputed brands will cost more than those from relatively lesser known brands.

3.) The number of coats: Another factor that is easy to understand. If you need multiple coats for a better finish or greater durability, it will cost you more.

4.) The current condition of the car: This is another important factor and can sometimes drive the cost to double or triple of what you initially estimated it to be. If the car is rusted and dented, it will take a lot of work to get it ready to be painted. They might also need other things to get them paint ready and all of these will drive the cost up immensely.

Considering all of these facts, here is a rough estimate of how much it will cost to repaint different cars

Family sedan:

Single coat: $600
Double coat: $1000
Single coat with prepping work: $1800


Single coat: $400
Double coat: $700
Single coat with prepping work: $1200


Single coat: $700
Double coat: $1200
Single coat with prepping work: $2000

Pickup truck:

Single coat: $800
Double coat: $1500
Single coat with prepping work: $2500

Keep in mind that these are purely speculative numbers contact your nearest body shop to get an accurate estimate by showing them your vehicle.

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