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Are Car Dealerships Open on Christmas? Our Answer in 60 Seconds

Christmas is a time most people look forward to as this is a great time to fulfill wishes. While asking Santa to bring a car might be asking a bit too much, you can always gift yourself or some loved one a car. So the obvious question that would follow would be “are car dealerships open on Christmas?”. During the course of this article, we will help you to find the answer to that.

The general answer is:

Yes, Most dealerships whether they sell clothes or cakes experience the largest volumes of sale during the days leading to Christmas and it peaks on the day of Christmas itself. Most car dealerships are eager to cash in on this huge flow of revenue and boost their sales as well.

As such most of them remain open on Christmas day and some even stay open longer than usual. This might sound cruel to the workers at the dealership as they have to work on Christmas but even they get a higher commission for every sale they are successfully able to complete. This is of course not the absolute rule and some dealerships might stay closed.

The internet is your best weapon here. You can always check the local dealer’s website or check out an archiving website to find out the list of the dealers that are available in your area and the ones that will stay open on Christmas.

It is actually the best time to buy a car:

Like everything else, even car dealers have to face stiff competition from each other and this competition is at its highest during the holiday season. To overcome the odds and obtain an advantage over their competitors, many car dealerships will offer very attractive deals and discounts that you won’t find during the rest of the year.

Many dealers will give cars at the cheapest rate throughout the year. You will also get a plethora of accessories and add-ons for virtually no extra cost and you will also find some of the best financing options during this time of the year. So, it is actually a great idea to wait for Christmas to buy a car as you will get the best deal and be able to avoid buyer’s remorse.

It will also mean that you will have one more reason to celebrate during Christma. If you are a parent or an elder sibling, you can gift someone a car and give them one of the most memorable gifts they are ever going to get and do that at a bargain.

Things that you need to keep in mind:

1.) Do shop around and check various dealerships to find the best price.
2.) Make sure you get every accessory and add-on that has been mentioned in the offer.
3.) Make wise decisions and do not let sales personnel talk you into buying something you don’t want to or need. Most dealerships would be looking to get rid of slow-selling cars. Don’t fall for their smooth talking and opt for a car that matches your needs and requirements.

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