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A Guide to Keeping Your Steering Wheel Clean

When you think of cleaning your car, car washes generally come to mind. However, we tend to completely forget the part of the car that needs the most attention. The steering wheel.

The dirt, grime, and oil covered steering wheel is something you should consider cleaning regularly. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your steering wheel clean easily.

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#1. The Dirt

To get the dirt removed, first clean using a dry cloth. Once the dirt is removed, clean it with water and some soap. Finally, use a clean dry towel to dry off the excess water.

#2. Quick Wipes

Always keep quick wipes in your car and use them regularly. As they come pre-loaded with cleaning liquid and conditioner, they’re easy to use.

#3. The Wheel Type

Clean your steering wheel according to its type and recommended method of cleaning.

For the Hard plastic wheel, use soap to remove the dirt then use water to clean the wheel. And finally, use a clean cloth to wipe off the remaining water.

For the wooden wheel, the process is a little different. Use a clean towel to remove the dirt from the wheel then use a wood polish to the wheel to give it a stylish touch.

For the synthetic resin, follow the same steps that you would use to clean your hard plastic wheel. Though, keep in mind not to use any kind of conditioner on the synthetic resin as it will make it extremely slippery. It’s really difficult to take it off as well.

#4.  The Leather Steering Wheel

This step needs to be followed if you have a leather steering wheel. You need to use leather cleaner and then water to clean it off. Finally, use a clean towel to dry.

Now, use the leather conditioner. Gently pour it into your palm and apply it on the leather. Let it dry for approximately 30 minutes. Then use a clean towel to wipe off the excess conditioner.

Follow these simple steps and your steering wheel will feel brand new in no time. Use the following infographic shared by Forever Sharp for more information.

9 Quick Tips To Clean And Maintain Your Steering Wheel

Image courtesy: Forever Sharp

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