Deplete your car battery

5 Things That Can Deplete Your Car Battery

Are you worried about your car dying for no reason? There are dozens of reasons your car battery dying without you even noticing. However, we don’t want you getting stuck in the middle of a freeway because of a simple problem you could have avoided. In this article, we will cover the top five things that can deplete your car battery and help keep your car in tip-top shape.

1. Human error

One of the most common reasons for serious car battery drain is from human error, such as leaving your headlights on. Leaving electrical components on in your car can drain your battery and prevent your car from starting. Fortunately, most new cars will alert you for noticeable battery drain, lessening the chance of draining your car battery due to your own error.


2. Old Battery


If you’re using an old battery, it won’t hold a full enough charge to run your vehicle properly. You should plan to change your batteries every five years or so. However, if your car has a hard time starting up and your battery is old, you should consider getting a replacement sooner rather than later. Using an old battery that doesn’t hold a charge can not only be annoying, but it can also damage your car. We suggest consulting a mechanic to diagnose any problems an old battery has caused to your car if you suspect so.


3. Faulty Charging System


If you are driving and your car breaks down, you should assume that one of the possibilities of the break down is your charging system isn’t working properly. Usually, when you drive, electrical components in your car are powered from the alternator, while it charges your battery at the same time. Due to the alternator not recharging your car battery, the electrical components in the car can cause a serious drain on the battery. Unfortunately, a jumpstart or new batteries won’t fix your problem. You’re going to have to get your vehicle checked out by a mechanic to diagnose the problem.


4. Parasitic Drain


Parasitic drain happens when your car is off, but components in your vehicle still draw power from the battery. Although there are some instances where it’s normal to occur, such as a security system, the most likely cause is an electrical problem. You can easily spot a parasitic drain if your brake lights or headlights are dim before your battery dies. In this case, you want to see a mechanic immediately to solve the issue.


5. Defective Diode


A defective diode is a common reason for your charging system not working, hence depleting your car battery. This happens when an alternator diode goes out, but the others try to keep your car running. The harder your other diodes have to work, the larger drain on your battery, even if your car is off.
When you meet with a mechanic, be sure to tell them if you know a diode has gone out. Trust us when we say merely replacing the diodes in your car is much more affordable than trying to rebuild the alternator. However, if you’re inclined to do it yourself, most automotive shops carry diodes, brushes, and bearings. But, if you don’t know much about cars, we suggest paying a visit to your local garage to get the problem fixed.
A lot that can go wrong with your car which can end up depleting your car battery. Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you now have a better understanding of the importance of keeping your vehicle in healthy condition, as well as the number of things to watch out for to avoid a dead battery. Remember, if you notice any of these things happen to your vehicle, schedule an appointment with your local mechanic to get it resolved.

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