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10 Things You’ll Learn Driving A Bugatti Veyron

There is no denying that Bugatti Veyron is one of the most advanced cars ever. The chills that run down the spine while driving a Bugatti Veyron is beyond words, as there is nothing else like it! You can call it fast, opulent and stupidly expensive, but that really doesn’t convey the unbridled lunacy of the world’s fastest car.

Driving a Bugatti Veyron is as good as skydiving but on the road and you can always customise its exterior with car wraps that will transform it into a roaring beast while you drive. Driving it is like a pseudo-spiritual experience as it envelopes all your senses the moment you step on the throttle and slowly brings you back to the real world when you ease up on the brakes.

The first version of Bugatti Veyron was launched in 2005 and a collective jaw drop swept across the automotive industry. It was launched with a massive eight-litre 16-cylinder engine, essentially with two V8s and four turbochargers, delivering a horsepower of 1,200. It can hit a direct 60mph from a standstill in just 2.8 seconds and achieve 253.81 mph. No, we are not exaggerating and yes that’s what driving a Bugatti Veyron feels like!

If you’ve been waiting for a long time to get your hands on the steering of a Veyron, then hold your horses. There are many things that you’ll experience while driving it and for the supercar that it is, you’ve got to take your time to drink in every detail and not miss out on anything at all!

As someone who shares the same craze for this beast of a car, we’ve compiled a list of some really incredible things that you’ll learn driving a Bugatti Veyron. So fasten your seatbelts as you’re in for a super ride!

  1. It’s Difficult To Drive

Yeah, you read that right! It’s hard to drive a Veyron on the road. This is not because of its immense horsepower or gargantuan price tag, but because of other people. When you drive a Veyron on the road, people will always want to get closer and you have to do your best to dodge them.

People want to take a picture because for many it’s just a dream to see a Veyron on the road. People will even follow you closely for miles in their car just to get a few snapshots or to wave. Driving a Veyron on the road is no less than being a celebrity. But, this will definitely make it harder for you to drive it.

  1. The Parking Space

One of the main concerns that you’ll have to deal with while driving a Veyron is where to park it. It’s not much of an issue in the burbs, but we’re talking about driving it in the city. If you’re living in a big city and have a Bugatti Veyron, then you simply cannot park it on the streets. Also, you cannot park it in paid parking areas as it isn’t a great long-term solution. So you’ll need a personal car parking area for your Veyron and the space should be secured enough to protect your car from burglars.

  1. It Stays Lower To The Ground

Ground clearance isn’t a Veyron forte, as this high-performance machine is supposed to slip through the air, cheating the wind and its aerodynamics are designed to keep it glued to the road. But, it clearly shows that a slight bump in the road can damage the car, costing you dearly in a blink of an eye. If you have to keep a constant eye for potholes and speed bumps, then it can sour your mood while you drive your Veyron.

Driving a car like Veyron on an incline is a surgical procedure that requires hyperactive situational awareness and thought-out stratagem. Driving slowly and deliberately isn’t enough; you have to plan and put in calculated thought to drive it. A Bugatti Veyron gives higher performance when it is lower to the ground. This is because it improves the airflow and lowers its centre of gravity and that can have a dramatic impact on its handling.

  1. Excessive Horse Power

Due to its excessive horsepower which is around 1,200mhp, it’s almost impossible to drive it in traffic areas. In 99.9% of driving circumstances, you’ll not be able to use it, but you’ll still consume gasoline at an alarming rate. Even if you try to use its full power on free roads, you can run into a gamut of risks like you can lose control of the car and have a terrible accident. So at times, when you’re tempted to unleash its full potential, you really can’t and that can be a little frustrating. You’ve been warned!

  1. Forget About Drinking Coffee

The suspensions of a Veyron are as tight as the Allman Brothers at the Fillmore East in the 1970s. With this suspension and snug ground clearance, chances are that you’ll not be able to enjoy your coffee. Though Veyron has cup holders, they will not offer any protection from the squish created by bumps on the road. So, forget about coffee or any other beverage for that matter, if you’re going to drive a Bugatti Veyron.

  1. You Wouldn’t Be Able To Stop Staring At It

It’s nearly impossible to stop staring at your Bugatti Veyron. People often assume that you’ll be able to get on with the rest of your life after you buy a Veyron. But let us tell you, it isn’t meant to be ignored; in fact, it commands your attention all the time. A Bugatti Veyron looks so amazing and beautiful that you cannot help but stare. The exterior of the car, especially the front grille which is made of aluminum, the headlights and alloys will certainly appeal to you making you look at it again and again!

  1. The Interior

When you’ll first enter a Veyron, you’ll be amazed to see that its interior is beyond perfect. It is not loaded with digital displays and fancy touch screens like other cars. Instead, it has three big analog gauges right up front, a simple climate control and stereo setup, and the highest quality materials that you can find in any car.

Once you enter the car, you’ll know that it’s worth every single penny you paid. The interior of this car is fantastic and the seats are a thing of wonder. Though the seats have firm backs, they’re extremely comfortable with the right amount of bolstering.

  1. The Top-Speed

Giving a top-speed of 267.8 mph on the road, a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is TUV-certified, as the worlds’ fastest convertible. Back in the day, the older version Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse hit a record of 254 mph, which is almost impossible for any other car to achieve. But, you shouldn’t try this speed simply on just any road because of obvious reasons. There are only a few places where your Veyron can exceed a speed limit of 250 mph and one of them is Volkswagen’s private test track in Ehra-Lessien, Germany. This track has 5.6-miles of an unbroken straight road, which is almost impossible to see from end to end due to the curvature of the earth.

  1. The Numbers

There is a saying which goes like, “Cars like Veyron are all about numbers”, and it’s true. The Bugatti Veyron has 8.0 litres engine along with 16 cylinders and 4 turbochargers that put out a horsepower of 1,200, which is almost double the power of SRT Viper. It comes with four fuel pumps and 10 radiators, whereas a normal car has only one of each of these things. As we all are aware of its price, that is what makes it one of the most expensive cars in the world.

  1. Being Quiet Is Not An Option For You

After buying a Bugatti Veyron, being quiet isn’t really an option for you, as simply starting the engine will jostle the neighborhood wide awake. If you don’t want heads snapping like they’re on spring-loaded swivels, then buy a car like Nissan Leaf. Even the lightest tap on the accelerator creates a riot but for car lovers, this isn’t noise, its melody to their ears.

The sound of a carefully tuned performance engine is a constant reminder of the barely-controlled chaos at your disposal. But for others, it is like a “Look at me!” signal that is bound to attract attention. It can be fun sometimes, but you really don’t want to piss people off on the road.

Bugatti Veyron is a car that you’ll love to hate, but you simply cannot deny the fact that it is one of the most extraordinary cars ever built. Though it would cost you more than an arm and a leg, it’s worth investing the money, especially if you really want to have a thrilling driving experience on the road and if you’re a sucker for supercars!

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